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Recliner - Restoration

Money for Nothing Series 3 Episode 12 of 30

Restoration wizard Jay Blades is in Walsall, West Midlands, and he is on a mission to salvage three items bound for the skip. Jay has his hands full repurposing a Lloyd loom-style laundry basket. Upholsterer Anthony Devine gets to work stamping his own unique style on a tired G Plan reclining chair. Master carpenter Norman Wilkinson has his work cut out up-cycling an oak writing bureau.

Recliner Chairs - Health benefits

Millions of people suffer from chronic lower back pain, if you are a sufferer you will know the importance of a good quality supportive chair. At work we work we sit for long periods and we all know the importance of a well designed office chair, we should use the same mind set when purchasing furniture for our home.

In Britain lower back pain affects 8 out of 10 people at some point during their lives disrupting the lives of sufferers and their loved ones, as well as causing severe pain and discomfort. Sufferers can take steps themselves to ease their discomfort...choosing a suitable chair can help.

Riser Recliners - Take the strain

Recliner Chairs are a great help for people wanting to relieve aches and pains, or those who need a that little extra back support. In recent years the technical development of Recliner Chairs and Riser Recliner Chairs has given users more choice and can now choose a chair more suited to their own requirements. Riser Recliner Chairs are a great help as they will ease the user into a near standing position at the touch of a button, reducing strain on the users back wrists and shoulders, therefore eliminating excess pain in these areas. Manual Recliner Chairs have remained popular as most British manufacturers now use the latest ‘super smooth’ recliner actions.

Sitting for long periods can result in poor circulation therefore, raising your feet and legs will help. The footrest of a Manual Recliner Chair is operated by either a handle or a catch positioned at the side of the chair this will put the footrest in a raised position or closed position, however, an Electric Recliner (or Riser Recliner) is operated by an easy to use touch button hand control which will allow you to raise the footrest to any height you require. Recliner Chairs also give relief to suffers of neck pain, providing support where needed, therefore relieving pressure on neck muscles and joints.

Stylish Recliner Chairs

Opting for a Recliner Chair doesn’t mean a compromise of style. The design of Recliner Chairs has improved dramatically over the past few years, with modern designs and fabric choices ranging from traditional to bold, bright and colourful, a Recliner Chair will not look out of place in any home.

At Discount Recliner Chairs, we stock all the leading brands including Sherborne Upholstery and Celebrity Motion Furniture, you can choose Riser Recliner Chairs, Recliner Chairs and Reclining Settees from the top brands at the lowest prices.

All our Recliner Chairs and Riser Recliner Chairs are delivered and assembled Free of Charge to any UK mainland address.

All British made Recliner Chairs and Riser Recliner Chairs carry a 5 Year Guarantee.