Celebrity Westbury Riser Recliner - Standard

Celebrity Westbury Riser Recliner - Standard

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Made in England 
This Riser Recliner Chair is supplied on castors for ease of movement.

The Celebrity Westbury Riser Recliner - Standard Size is a well established best seller within our range.

The three tiered waterfall back cushions shape and mould to the contours of your spine. The bottom back cushion is firmer to give extra support to your lumber region. The seat cushion is a full chaise design to give comfort to those who need to sit for long periods. The wooden knuckles are not only stylish, but also give the user something to grip when getting in and out of the chair.
This chair can be ordered as a single motor riser recliner, or a dual motor riser recliner. For more information click here…Single Motor and Dual Motor Options.
Battery Back-Up System
A battery back-up system can be fitted for an additional cost of £59. This system guarantees continued use of your recliner for upto 15 complete cycles in the event of a power failure. Highly recommended.
This Riser Recliner Chair has a generous 25 stone weight limit.
About Celebrity Furniture

The Westbury Riser Recliner Chair is produced in England by Celebrity Motion Furniture. Celebrity Motion Furniture manufacture upholstered furniture to the highest standards and are so confident in their quality that they guarantee all there products for 5 years.


The Westbury range consists of Riser Recliner Chairs, Manual Recliner Chairs, Electric Recliner Chairs and Fixed Chairs. To compliment these products you can also purchase matching pieces including, 2 Seater Reclining or Fixed Sofas and 3 Seater Reclining or Fixed Sofas.


All Reclining Sofas are available as Manual or Electrical Recliners and can be purchased in either soft cloth or luxury leather.



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Celebrity Westbury Riser Recliner - Petite Celebrity Westbury Riser Recliner - Petite
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Celebrity Westbury Riser Recliner - Grande Celebrity Westbury Riser Recliner - Grande
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